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    Description of Business Activity*

    Details of the Directors, Partners & and Authorized Signatories*

    Details of Benefecials Owners


    1. If the Property/Unit is owned in joint names each named customer must complete a separate form.
    2. If the Property/Unit is owned by a company/legal entity, each Ultimate Beneficial Owner (i.e. any individual who

    owns 25% or more of the ultimate holding company) must complete separate form. Also a separate checklist will be
    issued for the legal owner of the Property/Unit.

    3.Following the initial checks, we may be required to ask for further documentation.

    I hereby certify that the information in this KYC Form is true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, and I
    agree to promptly notify Allsopp & Allsopp of any material changes to the information contained in this form.


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